Spring is in the air/ people are yelling in the streets and fighting

I had a horrible dream.

Trigger warning: rape.

fell asleep at 10:30pm had a nightmare that a cop was following me and another girl. We tried hiding in the crowd that was walking down congress st. He yelled at us that he was going to rape us. 

I woke up and watched a movie about Kathleen Hanna and now i can’t get back to sleep.


my personal style is called “i don’t have the money for my preferred aesthetic”

it usually happens around once a day on average.

I’ll be browsing facebook and someone will post something like David Lynch’s music and be like “he makes music too!”

and this total douche bag in me pipes up before i can be nice and says “Yeah wow welcome to years ago when everyone first learned that.”

Or when Thrift Shop came out and everyone was going crazy and that douche bag in me was like 

"Yeah i follow NPR music on tumblr i reblogged this like two weeks ago. I’m already sick of it."

Or when I was 7 years old and everyone was freaking out about Leonardo DiCaprio and I was like

"I don’t like him because everyone likes him. ew."

Guys. I’m a total asshat.

(Source: laurasseconddiary)

cosmo tip: instead of telling him you don’t want him to come home with you, just fart really loudly.